Job hunting: computer says no

So I haven’t posted in a while because I was lacking phone memory for the WordPress app.
I’ve applied for a new job tonight, and I’ve been almost instantly rejected.
I spent 2 and a half hours filling out the CV section- all well and good.
✔️ Educated.
✔️ Plenty of experience in that area
✔️ Decent human being.
And then I got to the screening test section.
It asked me some weirdly worded questions, with 3 multiple choice options, for what I’d do in each scenario.
So I filled it out, and that’s when my instant rejection came.

I had the experience, I had the qualifications, and I am a nice person.

But that wasn’t enough.
My CV wasn’t even going to be looked at, because a computer said no.
Consideration in exams is a given when a person has a diagnosed, documented, learning difficulty.
I have dyspraxia (Developmental Coordination Disorder)
So, this means I get extra time, and examiners are asked to consider my dyspraxia when marking my responses.
But there was no learning difficulty/disability friendly version if the test.
I can appreciate, of course, what technology can do for a person with learning difficulties and additional needs.
But the idea that my application was not going to be considered at all, because of a generic computer test (which I’m pretty sure the company would have trained me about anyway) is ridiculous!
Hey ho- back to the drawing board 😅