Another one of those posts about femmemism

I am a feminist.

There I said it.

No, not the men-hating, bra-burning, radical version.
I’m the my-Vagina-doesn’t-come-with-predestined-life-instructions version.

So, here is a very short introduction to what feminism is.

 (Side note: If the word vagina makes you uncomfortable, I am not sorry) 
It shouldn’t be that as soon as I was born, and the midwife or whoever shouted ‘it’s a girl’, that my life from that point was constructed for me. Me or anyone with female reproductive organs (that’s last bit is a description for the ones who cringe at the V word).

It’s ridiculous that in 2016- when we’re supposed to be fully operational in terms of equality- that women are still treated inferior to men.
Now for me in a Western European country, that might be that I don’t get paid the same as a man, for doing the same job.
For someone in a different country, it might be that they are denied any form of education

For some, it means being married off because you’re a girl, so that’s what you’re there for

For those reasons, I’m a difference femmemist (yes, there are different splinter groups, like any ideology)

Difference feminism is basically where there’s an understanding that different women experience different forms of oppression, and they need to be tackled.

A married, White, middle class woman isn’t going to have most of the same struggles of a single, working class, Black woman.

So people might say “Yeah so we (Western Europe) don’t need femmenism anymore.

Uh, yeah we do- 

  1. because there are still women in Western Europe who grow up with the idea that all they are here for is to find a nice man and settle down with 2.5 kids
  2. There are still girls in the world as young as 8 marrying people 20 years their senior, because there parents dont see a need to educate them, like they do with their sons.
  3. We still have this idea in all societies where girls are the caring, motherly person- and if someone doesn’t fit this, like a woman saying they don’t want children, people are horrified or disgusted (it’s their body, and their life why do you care so much?!) 

So my point is, feminism is still needed, because these crazy notions that men are made and destined for one thing, and women are made and destined for the other, is daft.

So you can be a man and be a feminist too- anyone can be a femminst- a normal femminst- you don’t have a bra to burn

If you think it’s crazy/silly/outrageous that the above happens, then you’re a femmenist.

I won’t be burning my bras over it anytime soon, anyway? Just trying to challenge it instead.

Dunno about you?
Becca 🙂